Der Weltkrieg Series Rules (updated 19 January 2013)

Game Owners:

For access to the electronic versions (.pdf format) of the Der Weltrkrieg scenario rulebooks, please send an email to:

You MUST include as an attachment a scan or photo of the cover page of each rulebook that you are requesting access to.

You will receive a return email containing the passwords for the rulebook download pages on this site that you can then access.

Please understand that controlling rulebook access to only verified owners of the games will allow Vassal modules of the series to be made available.

The downloaded rulebooks are for YOUR USE ONLY and are not to be shared or posted (doing so will jeopardize the release of Vassal modules).

If you do not have the option of scanning the cover page, you can send a photocopy (along with a note stating your email address) to:

PO Box 900934
Sandy UT 84090 USA

Game Title User Name (all lower case)
Grand Campaign gc_rules
Eastern Front ef_rules
Osmanli Harbi oh_rules
Western Front wf_rules
Italian Front if_rules
Standard Rules (No User Name or Password Required)

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