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One game club's approach to playing out the 'Der Weltkrieg' Duration game in 2011.

Showing Western Front, Italian Front, and the Ottoman Fronts.

The Balkans.

The Eastern Front.
The Western Front combined with the Italian Front.






















World War One Series:

Each game is an Operational Level simulation of the campaigns of World War One. The game is played by two players; one controls the Central Powers forces (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and their allies), the other controls the forces of the Entente (France, Great Britain, Russia, and their allies). All of the units depicted in these games were available to the historical commanders. Each of the units has combat and movement capabilities that represent what the historical unit was capable of doing. It is up to the players to conduct operations with their units within the framework of these rules. Other games of the series can be tied together with these games to create more comprehensive simulations. The instructions for doing so are found in the scenario specific rules.

Western FrontEastern Front Italian FrontOsmanli HarbiGrand Campaign

Vassal Modules allow owners of the games to play via computer.
Read more about this on Der Weltkrieg's Vassal page.

The Eastern Front, The Ottoman Fronts, The Western Front, & The Italian Front boxes

Examples of Artillery Use and Ground Movement Example Use of Artillery Example of Ground Movement Examples of Retreat and Supply Example of Retreat Example of Supply Example of Combat and Combat Resolution