Business in the Trenches

About SPW’s latest Book: Business in the Trenches

Business in the Trenches combines compelling military history with insightful business analogies. It demonstrates clearly how companies grapple with the same problems as armies at war. Business in the Trenches describes how you can leverage the experiences of war to solve vexing problems and defeat the competition.

There are a number of presentations that complement the book. These help businesses and individuals make significant improvements using the principles described in Business in the Trenches. The presentations use intriguing stories from military history to really drive home important points that can increase productivity and effectiveness.

These presentations and seminars are an effective way to take people out of their daily roles and talk about a different subject, yet still get at the issues that they face. It gives them a new and insightful way to look at what they do and how they do it. They get into what could be improved, and how to improve it. They will talk about themselves, their part of the organization, and the business as a whole.

In-depth seminars are also collaboratively designed for the challenges facing specific audiences. The author works closely with clients to identify the analogies from the book and other studies most relevant to their situation. He then uses those analogies, along with the client’s specifics, to help them find innovative ways forward.

Here are some of the most popular topics:

  • The Need to Continually Learn – What You Know Now is Never Enough.
  • Overcoming the “That’s Not My Job” Syndrome – Getting People to Work Outside of Job Descriptions.
  • The Leadership Matrix – Where to Find True Potential for the Future.
  • Situational Solutions – Getting Away from Dogmatic Theory to What Actually Produces Results.
  • Dealing with Subordinates – How to Help Them Achieve.
  • Making Changes – Identifying What Changes to Make, and When to Make Them.
  • Maximizing Resources – How to Get the Most Out of What You’ve Got.
  • How to Deal with Elitism – There is no “Best” Background for Any Position.
  • Defeating Selfishness – We All Win when the Business Wins.
  • Inflexibility – Overcoming Repeatedly Making the Same Mistakes.

There are over a hundred more such topics. See the Business in the Trenches website for more details.

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